Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vegas Road Trip

Ok, I'm back at work.

It's Tuesday morning. It feels like I've been gone from my normal life for about 3 years.

Here is what happened: We planned on getting on the road from San Diego to Vegas at around 3pm or 4 at the latest. This was last Thursday. There is not a person on this planet that can be more late to EVERY SINGLE event than my beloved wife. So we got on the road at 7pm.

It was me, Susi (spouse) and Rosi (friend). Me and the girls...Vegas road trip....lookin good. No traffic. Good ride. Got in to Vegas at 1am.

Get to the Venetian (never stayed at this property but was here on good advice) to check in. The line is over 40 minutes at 1:30am. Crazy. We booked a single suite w/ 2 queens but not the one with the view of the Strip. So I planned on sweet talking the reception to see about an upgrade.

I had just read a good poker blog that suggested always dropping the $20 tip when asking for this consideration. I planned the whole thing out while waiting in line. I opened with a good attitude, very appreciative. Asked about an upgrade to a room w/ a strip view and dropped the $20 with my ID and credit card. The guy was cool and asked me to wait a moment while he went to the back room......

He comes out and says he can offer me one of thier junior penthouse suites until 11am and then upgrade us to the Strip view room. Awesome! This was a great welcome aboard.

We go up to the penthouse and, when we walk through the double doors into the marble foyer the girls are screaming with delight. Gentlemen, this is a 1980 square foot luxury penthouse. With a gym. With a sauna, with a jacuzzi and walk in shower w/ double shower heads. Marble dining room table that seats 8. Big screen tvs. 3 bathrooms. Gorgeous view of the 18hole golf course at the Wynn. Just pure sex. It was amazing.

We stayed up all night/morning enjoying the room. 11am roles around and I call to ensure we can get the upgrade to the normal suite.

They are nice at the desk but I can tell something is wrong. It seems they didn't lock on the other room but the girl never misses a beat and says, " Would you just like to stay in the penthouse for the rest of your vacation?"

Hmmm...let me think....YES!!!!

So we stayed in this gigantic penthouse that costs over $2000/night for 3 nights. We saw shows, danced, shopped and I won over $220 in the poker room.

The poker room at the Venetian is very nice. You can see the wait list on a dedicated TV channel in your room and you can get on the list there. But I didn't have to wait for a $4/8 limit table both sessions I got to play.

The game is very loose and fairly passive. So I worked on seeing cheap flops w/ hands that did well multi way (suited connectors and suited aces) and raising for value when I thought I could narrow the field some w/ big hands.

My second session lasted for 4-5 hours and that was when I was up over 20+big bets. Very soft table.

I learned, yesterday, from PokerNewsDaily, that Annette Obrestad was playing $10/20 limit in the same room at the same time! I have to look more closely at the higher limit tables. She is an amazing player and I would love to rail her game in person like I have online. So much to learn.

Overall, an Amazing trip. Terrific time. I gotta get some pictures up somewhere.

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