Sunday, April 4, 2010


EOH Poker update: chip count up to 1051. Just over double my initial buy in. I am mostly playing tight but moderately aggressive poker on this site.

By choosing better hands (that means folding a LOT more than the other players) I start out ahead. When I connect on the flop it will usually be with a better pair. The trick is that, so many of the hands end up multi-way (lots of people seeing the flop) that one pair is not always going to be good.

It is also hard when you lead out with a bet and get called in three spots. Usually this means you are likely behind with one pair but on EOH it may mean that no one got anything so they are dumping ISK to see the next damn card. A mix of caution and aggression is definitely called for.

The merc campaign is turning around. We've stopped station games. We are pursuing the enemy where he is weak and using tactics that work to our advantage. Efficiency has risen over 35% in the past 2 days.

Bankrolls increasing all around.

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