Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brief Update

Short post this morning:

C-MAC, the merc corp I fly with, has deployed on a contract about 20 jumps from our normal area of operations. So, for the next week I am living out of a rented hanger in a foreign station. It never gets old!

I've been playing both Full Tilt for real money and EOH for Isk. The games are VERY different. I play ring almost exclusively and the difference on each site is astounding. Players on EOH will call a 50+ chip open raise with anything and get all of their chips into the pot with any draw and ANY pair. I'm not making an emotional statement here...this is how it is for the majority of play on EOH. Playing in such loose aggressive games takes time to adjust and a whole different perspective. I'm working on that.

Full Tilt play is much more selective (if you get re-raised you can bet they have a hand) and not as over the top aggressive (just because they're calling doesn't mean they have nothing).

Playing both tables at once takes some focus.

I bought back onto EOH about 5 days ago for 50million isk (500 chips). I'm up to about 860 right now and will try to keep track of the progress.

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