Monday, December 15, 2008

Variety is the Spice of Life

I apologize to the three of you that read this blog for my extended lack of input.
I have had quite a productive week even though my post count cannot attest to it.

I got a new computer from NewEgg.Com. It has 4 times the RAM and an NVIDIA graphics card that allows me to see EVE for the first time in premium graphics. Now that right there would be enough to distract me for a few days…but!

A Tale in the Desert IV started on Saturday and I was working in the open beta for a few days prior to that. ATITD tends to appeal to a wedge of the gaming market that doesn’t crave the fast action, bright lights and rampant violence of a lot of today’s top offerings.

What ATITD players love is complex social team work enmeshed in the most intricate crafting system on the market. If you ever hit that wall where WAR and WOW and even EVE are feeling stale stroll on over to electronic Egypt and see what we’re building (and brewing)!

Now, THAT would certainly be enough to drag me away from blogging for a week BUT!

PokerSchoolOnline is having a holiday surge of activity and I’ve been doing quite well in the beginner’s and Bronze league play. I have a bookcase at home with two large shelves dedicated to and filled up with poker books. I have played steadily since mid-late 2001. I’m the kind of person that tears through something that grabs my interest. I love to dissect every aspect of a topic that I’m into. I played for a long time, many years ago, before poker’s online boom, at PSO. The great thing about this place is, well, let me list them:

· Terrific Software – with note taking, stat tracking, table & betting options, etc
· Dedicated Teaching Environment – PSO has a large faculty of pros that contribute to everyone’s game. And the players/students are all very interested in improving each others’ abilities.
· League Competition – You play for PSO money, not ISK, so you won’t lose your shirt while gaining an edge. But the sense of serious competition is maintained through league play and ladder rankings.
· Sponsorship – Your success will translate into dollar value through paid entry into live poker events and sponsorship/backing by PSO. PSO has had players at the final table of the WSOP. I was there in Binion’s to see it.

So, those things have keep me busy over the past week. I hope to bring more input to this blog very soon. Thanks for reading!


Mynxee said...

You have at least four readers, LOL. I'm glad to hear your updates...thanks for the PSO info. I'll check that site out.

Manasi said...

5 readers :) Glad you got your new system up and running :)

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged!!!