Friday, December 5, 2008

Networking is a River

I want to thank CrazyKinux for adding me to the EVE Blogroll. I’m thrilled to have the kind of exposure that such a place provides. PocketPairs&PodPilots got started because of my explorations through CK’s site and all of the links to amazing content.

Networking is not something that came about with MySpace or Facebook. It has been around since before the internet, before board room meetings, before organized society and probably before language.

But each step we take along the path of networking evolution enhances the effect and benefits that it provides. Networking is a river that can sweep us up and move us to places faster than we thought possible. It is a force multiplier towards whatever goal we set for ourselves.

Listening to some of the ideas and plans that CCP revealed during this year’s FanFest was very exciting. I believe they are realizing (faster than their competition) the powerful effects that networking tools will bring to the EVE community.

And just like the Obama campaign demonstrated how an innovative, distributed approach to election networking can revolutionize how a society can be motivated toward a lofty goal, CrazyKinux is building a grassroots movement, a groundswell of positive networking for the EVE Online community.

You don’t have to be a blogger to contribute (I’ve been a blogger for all of five days and I’ve contributed by following for over a year), but you do have to be involved.
Read, think, decide and most importantly: Feedback. Comment on what you like and what you don’t. Participate in this river of networking change!

Thanks to CK and all that add to the flow of what we’re doing.

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