Friday, December 4, 2009

Brief Updates

Dominion is out. Looks good.

Mining Director I is done, the Industrial Command Ship skill is the last step to Orca pre-reqs. But it is expensive. Then there is that little hurdle of actually purchasing the Orca.

I'm researching a great deal about the manufacture and industrial aspects of EVE. I'm reading alot in Market Discussions and blogs about the supply chain from Moons -> Components -> End Products. I really want an income stream other than 30day pilot licenses to fill the wallet.

My reasearch skills are progressing and I am close to Research Projects in order to allow multiple R&D agents.

My mining skills are improving with T2 strips on the Hulk and Veldspar / Plagi. focal crystals in place.

I moved the small tower out of our Worm hole system as the corp is looking for new ground deeper in W space. But prior to the POS take down I put up my first Labratory and researched several BPOs' material efficiency. I'm selling some bomb launchers, gas miners and medium cargo rigs on the market now.

I need to finish bringing my ship assets to the hi sec HQ so I'm not strewn all over empire. Then I'll be joining the corporation in the new Worm Hole.

So much to little time....

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